Assignment Information

WebCenter & Payroll Procedures

Timesheets are to be submitted to your supervisor by the end of the work week each Friday (or on the last day of your assignment for the week) via the WebCenter portal.

Payroll is run Monday mornings. In order for you to be paid,  we need to have your approved timecard by 10am Monday morning. It is your responsibility to make sure that your timecard is approved each week. This may mean you need to remind your supervisor to approve your timecard.  You can check the status of your timecard by logging back into the web portal.  We cannot issue you a paycheck without an approved timecard.

If the company you are working for does NOT USE WebCenter, the following procedures are in place. If you don’t have a paper timecard, either download a timecard from this site or call us and we will fax one to you.  Please submit a separate completed timecard for each assignment weekly. All time cards must be signed by a supervisor and faxed by 5:00 pm each Friday. Fax the timecard to the Larkspur office at (415) 461-7551.

Complete all of the information requested (your name, the company name, the week-ending date, and the hours worked). The work week is Monday to Sunday. Be sure to sign the card and have your supervisor sign the card. If your timecard is submitted late, your paycheck will be processed with the following week’s payroll. Please note: overtime work (working more than 8 hours per day or over 40 hours in a week) must be approved by Perfect Timing in advance. Contact us immediately if you think you will be working more than 8 hours on any day.