Perfect Timing - COVID-19 Response

A message from Solina Walton, CEO/Founder 

Perfect Timing wishes everyone stay healthy, keep safe and continue with the mandates set forth by the CDC, State of California and Marin and Sonoma counties.

To our clients:

First, let us know if there is any way we can support your business during these unpredictable times.  Our staff is all onboard, an organized team well-equipped to work from home safely and productively, and ready to answer any questions or assist with specific requests.

Second, we are continuing to engage with our existing pool of candidates as well as reaching out to new and passive jobseekers. If you have employees furloughed that need assistance in finding work, either now or in the near future, please have them reach out so we may help those in need when businesses reopen.

To our employees:

As our dedicated and invaluable employees, we want to support you as best we can during this unprecedented event. We work with an array of diverse companies throughout the Bay Area, both large and small, and our continued relationship with them allows us to monitor opportunities as businesses begin the reopening process.

Please check in with us as restrictions are eased, and take this opportunity to view our Facebook page regularly for articles relating to working during and after Covid-19, as well as staying mentally and physically healthy.  We look forward to getting everyone back to work as soon as we are able.

How Perfect Timing is supporting our community during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Perfect Timing has been serving the Bay Area for over 30 years. While is it not business as usual, we continue to forge ahead with the intention of creating something positive each day for employers and job seekers in our community.

Let us know how we can help you by emailing us at reception@perfecttiming.com.

Here are some areas that we may be able to assist with:

  • Resume assessment 
  • Access to software testing and basic tutorials 
  • Assist in navigating compensation in a rapidly changing marketplace 
  • Tips on how stand out in a competitive and evolving job market 
  • Suggestions on how to optimize phone and video interviews

We are required by law to share the following document with you:

Employee Rights: Paid Sick Leave And Expanded Family And Medical Leave Under The Families First Coronavirus Response Act:


The following are informational resources, which may be helpful:

Health Benefits (Covered California):


Unemployment Benefits (Federal):


Unemployment Benefits (State):


Marin County Coronavirus Daily Statistics:


California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services:


State of California Coronavirus Landing Page:


California Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Landing Page:


US Small Business Administration:


Health Benefits
(Covered California)

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